Easacc-ERP- A new look at the world of financial accounting and warehouse and sales management in a simple and easy way of presenting through multiple financial reports and the ability to add cost centers to projects and delegates to identify profit areas and loss areas.With ease in addition to the possibility of adding the tree accounting multiple levels and can also work estimated budget for expenses and expected revenue and compare it with the actual at any date in the fiscal year and can show the results of activity all the goodwill and flexibility of free final lists of the program include a list of income and the determination of net profit activity and net profit for each center The cost and the statement of the financial position, in which the financial items and property rights are fully shown

In addition to calculating the inventory cost and evaluating it after listing the quantities of the item and determining the value of profit after deducting the cost, this gives a vision to the business owner about his expected profits, as well as the ability to issue the sales invoice easily and issue a discount.For Ame and work returnable for Ame with ease and also purchase and vendor accounts bill and through alerts that gives the program through messages appear at intervals of a payment of Ame appointments or suppliers or decreasing inventory or stagnant items and the possibility of adding a fixed discount it to discharge or losses in sales and there are also statistics charts For sales and specifying profit and loss areas and the ability to directly liquidate a specific item or all items.


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Easacc-ERP – A New Introduction to the World of Financial Accounting, Warehouse and Sales Management

Accounting tree

The program contains a valid proof of accounts for all commercial and service activities

Human Resource Management

The program is compatible with the Saudi labor system, and it is easy for you to complete all tasks

Cost centers system

Easily add cost centers to the program, whether branches, delegates or existing projects

POS system

Through the program, you can add items, prices, and products, and you can add pictures of the item

Offer price

Through the program, it is easy to make a price offer Fits in an easy and simple way

Connect the branches

Through the program, you can link the branches (cloud - direct - online or offline - indirect synchronization)

Financial Accounting and Accounting Tree:

  • The program contains a valid proof of accounts for all commercial and service activities.
  • The accounting manual extends to more than five levels easily.
  • It contains arrest and exchange bonds and daily restrictions.
  • The system of closing and posting the accounting period.
  • The comprehensive audit scale, and it has two types with balances and a detailed balance.
  • Very high security system, recording the time and date of each operation, the first user to record and the last user to modify.
  • The program contains a large number of sales reports of the items and products specific to the activity.
  • Also in the program are procurement reports for products and items for the activity.

Human Resource Management :

The Easacc-ERP system for managing personnel affairs in Saudi Arabia is compatible with the Saudi labor system, and it is easy for you to automate the tasks of managing personnel affairs and managing salaries from one place and as quickly as possible.

  • A complete staff profile.
  • Attach the documents to the personnel files.
  • Divide the employees into segments.
  • Shifting system support.
  • Automatic change between shifts.
  • Monitor attendance and leave in more than one way.
  • Support for all fingerprint devices.
  • Detailed payroll.
  • Create regulations for jazz and rewards.
  • Calculate taxes.
  • Insurance account.
  • Providing services to employees.

Daily closing today:

  • Through the program, it is possible to open the day of work and daily operation through sales and purchases. After the work is completed, the day will be closed and accounts posted.
  • It appears through the closure of the day and the posting of accounts in the daily system, all accounts appear with their balances and based on their nature, whether they are creditor or debtor.
  • Daily balances and reports of sales, sales of purchases and purchases, returns of purchases, and other administrative expenses also appear.
  • Other income and receivables and exchange vouchers for customers and suppliers.
  • After closing the journal, you can extract it in the form of an accounting entry.

Offer price :

  • Through the program, it is easy to work out a suitable price in an easy and simple way.
  • The price display shows the activity logo, its full details, the commercial registry number, and everything related to the activity.
  • Once the price quotation has been saved, the customer sends a copy to his or her email address previously registered in the offer details.
  • The price offer includes all price offer items such as the customer’s name, the terms of the offer, the terms and conditions, and the validity of the offer. The customer can easily amend and add to the price offer.

Branch Connecting System

Cloud system

Direct system

Indirect synchronization

Cost centers system:

  • Easily add cost centers to the program. The cost centers may be branches, delegates, or existing projects.
  • After adding the cost center, you can print a report on the cost center easily from the program.
  • All financial transactions made on this center are shown in the report to identify and remedy areas of imbalance.
  • An estimated budget for the cost center can be established and act upon and actually compared to it at any time.
  • Through the program, you can link or install cost centers to a treasury account or bank and it is private to it only.
  • You can print the balance with balances for the cost center and monitor each account for it. You can also print the report for each account affected by that center.

POS system:

  • Add varieties and prices for products.
  • An image can be added to the item.
  • Supports Arabic, English and Turkish.
  • Items can be modified easily.
  • Easy and simple sales invoice for cashier.
  • There is also table system sale and payment later.
  • Payment method can be determined (cash, visa, future).
  • Add a customer account easily.
  • A customer’s statement of account can also be printed.
  • The program includes more than thirty sales reports.
  • Selling online and offline.
  • You can follow your work online easily.

Customer and sales system:

  • You can add an unlimited number of clients to the program.
  • Add complete customer details such as name, address, mobile, postal number and email address.
  • Via e-mail, the program can send a lock today to the email registered in the program to the customer.
  • Add customer alerts and notes.
  • You can also add a specific discount to a permanent or premium customer.
  • Easily print customer statement.
  • Recording quotations submitted to clients and linking them to previously recorded requests.
  • Register the supply orders that have been executed for clients and link them to the previously recorded quotations.
  • Record customer complaints and monitor their resolution or escalation.
  • Record all correspondence between the facility and its customers.

Procurement and Procurement System:

  • Adding complete purchase invoices to the program easily through the purchase invoice.
  • The ability to print an account statement for any account during a specific period easily and accurately.
  • The possibility of attaching the invoice or document in the accounting record with ease.
  • Easily print and export bonds and restrictions easily and export them as a file on the device (EXCEL & PDF & WORD).
  • Final statements such as late account, profit and loss and financial position.
  • List of senior management on the movement of financial activity and analytical and detailed data.
  • Possibility of estimated activity budgets and actual comparison.

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