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I also bought this blachek https://jiji.ng/amuwo-odofin/258-glutathione-pills/injection in China, but it turned out to be not very working. Thanks again. I shoveled the whole Ali, everything is not right. Maybe someone met where to buy and their exact name. Moreover, I checked with 7805 5 the right leg is there With 431, both left legs are https://tonaton.ng/s_274-private-jets also 2.5 each There is no current regulation. What could it be? Without load, the voltage is adjustable. and in the photo you can see that on my converter there is no 18D resistance at all No response to adjustment. I unsoldered it, at first everything was fine, and after 20 seconds the light started flashing, it’s cool of course, but I don’t need it. Everything is super interesting, but my school knowledge is not enough for you, please advise.

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Thank you very much! how did you find them. But with LM358, I didn’t even understand how to check… No, earlier in the thread Akiril posted a photo with the same one as mine, but everything is like in his photo, only there is no 18D and it does not work. here, and the rest of the denominations as in the photo Hello, I really liked the review. Both fuses burned out, the whole city was searched, and even on Ali https://tonaton.ug/s_51-radio there was nothing like that. I connect a 6.5 V light bulb as a load and at the very beginning it lights up at full incandescence, then it immediately goes out but not quite. Thanks a lot, but the link doesn’t work Why is that? Of course, I prikolhozil others, I need a tester every day, but I already ordered it and I’m waiting. And here in the "bull’s eye", they are. The voltage drops from 6V to 0.6V and the current from 0.23A to 0.07A.