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Hyundai CJC-818MV Headset

The only thing that puzzled me a little was the huge gap between the cup (the part where the speaker is installed) and the headband (the part that connects both earbuds together – the red one at the bottom). Today I want to share with you my impressions of the HYUNDAI CJC-818MV headset purchased from the Chinese marketplace jd.com. On the left "ear" is a folding microphone that turns these headphones into a headset. For me, this design element is completely irrelevant, since I don’t play games (unless I chat with someone on Skype), but during the first connection it https://jiji.com.et/158-us-visa was checked – no problems were found with the microphone. In order not to confuse where to connect which one, they differ in color and have special icons.
And on the back side, the main characteristics of the headphones inside are indicated. Headphones are delivered in the original packaging – a brown cardboard box. Personally, I use them in conjunction with a 3 meter extension. Exactly the same color inserts covering the speakers installed in the cups of this headset. However, when jd.com started giving away coupons for a specific product group, I couldn’t resist. Headphones are made of black plastic. I can not say that the headphones impressed me. But they are clearly not worth the current $ 20, for this money you can find much more interesting models.
The headband securely presses the earcups to your ears, which ensures not only their secure fit, but also good isolation of the ear from the noise of the outside world. I understand that this is a mobile connection and it is impossible to fit it absolutely tightly, but in the same Dialogs there is no such disgrace. The headband of the headphones at its base hides a relatively rigid plastic frame, which is sheathed on the outside with soft leatherette. At such moments, the Dialog monitor headphones came to my aid, purchased offline many years ago and have been serving faithfully since then. There is also an inscription indicating the manufacturer and model of the headphones.
Like many of you, sometimes I want to listen to music (or watch a movie) loudly. In the end, a month after sending, the post office gave me a huge cardboard box sealed with red JD tape, inside of which was a box with headphones. This is quite enough for comfortable use of the headset in conjunction with a computer, but this is clearly not enough to connect to a TV. You can see the route from China to Belarus here. Perhaps, for connoisseurs of high-quality music, this is critical, but for me, as a person who uses them mainly for watching movies, this is not so important.
As I said, the headband of the headphones is adjustable, thanks to which they will “sit” well, both on the head of a child and an adult. She bought here. 🙂 The seller delayed the shipment, but in the end the parcel was sent. But I somehow got used to the fact that the volume control hangs on the wire, and not built into the headphones, so at first it was a little unusual – the hand kept feeling the empty wire all the time, but now everything is fine 🙂 They are well made and neat. I didn’t have any particular complaints about the quality of the headphones.
Also on the left "ear" is the adjustment wheel
volume. To give the appearance of greater attractiveness, the lower part of the headband is red. At the time of purchase, the headphones in question cost $10.75, with a $10 discount coupon applied to the price, so they ended up costing me only 75 cents. Initially, the headphones were devoid of any smell, which is good news. The sound produced by the 40mm drivers is mediocre and quiet.
Live they look like this: On the front side of the box, you can find the name of the product inside: True, not all members of my family are satisfied with my desires. And in the design there is a combination of matte plastic with glossy.

Hyundai CJC-818MV Headset

Thanks to high-quality packaging, the original packaging of the headphones was not damaged at all. The adjustment range is decent enough.
And now about the most important thing – sound quality. The headphones listen to low frequencies, but the upper ones are lost somewhere. So, these same glossy plastic inserts are located in the most unfortunate places (microphone mount, volume control) and therefore they are constantly smeared with fingerprints 🙁 It spins without problems, gropes easily. In general, for 75 cents – this is more than a profitable and successful purchase. Nothing sticks out anywhere, there are no gaps or cracks, all seams are even. And despite the fact that so far there have been no problems with their work, the appearance has deteriorated a little over such a long period of use – the leatherette has cracked in places, and the cord has traces of playing with the cat 🙂 But since this did not affect the work in any way, I I didn’t even think about replacing them.
The length of the wire standard for such products is approximately 1.5 meters. Either the wife can’t hear her series, or the daughter can’t make out what they say in her favorite cartoon. Moreover, the box with the headphones was 2 times smaller than the main box in which it was packed.
As you can see, they are not much different from those pictures that were in the ad. In general, they are suitable for anyone. Headphones are connected via standard 3.5 mm plugs, of which there are 2 – one for headphones, the other for a microphone.