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Broadlink RM Mini-3 is a very versatile remote control

Follow the first one, press the plus sign to create the first button.
The second hint says that the buttons can be moved to a convenient place
There is no power supply, a regular flat microUSB cable 1 meter long In an hour, he ate 114 mAh from my power bank Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Let’s try to disassemble the case, no screws or latches are visible, pry the gap between the parts of the case with a thin screwdriver You can put a timer on each button After that the template
is loaded into the application and you can immediately use it if its author has done everything right. In the "Add Remote" menu, you need to tap on the search icon in the upper right corner and type the name of the equipment you are looking for
br /> Further, everything is simple and almost logical again – we again turn to the plus sign, but now we press “Add a remote control” Well, a little about the sad.
It also weighs quite a bit, which is not surprising, because this device does not have a built-in battery. For the uninformed, let me explain – in order to perform such a seemingly simple operation, you need to press 5 different buttons on the remote control several times, not only is this a long and tedious process, but the algorithm of these clicks is so illogical that in 10 years of owning an air conditioner, I I couldn’t remember the sequence of clicks, so every year when the heat comes on, I have to shovel a bunch of manuals for the equipment available in the house in an attempt to find instructions for the air conditioner.
The equipment is not rich, the Broadlink RM Mini 3 transmitter itself, a power cable and a brief instruction in English. Well, with the sliptimer mode, LG engineers also notably screwed up by setting the minimum shutdown time to 1 hour, but during this time the head will be covered with frost.
The body of the device is completely made of plastic, the top cover is glossy, the bottom is matte.
That’s it, the connection setup is over, although according to the instructions it was necessary to look for a needle, press reset and wait for something there. This will help to revive a lost or broken remote control, but here you need to understand that if the device is rare, then there are not very many chances to find its clone in the cloud. To do this, in the "Add Remote" menu, you need to select the "Custom" icon, after which a couple of tips will appear.
To do this, press any button on the virtual remote control.
You can also configure the behavior of devices when the owner approaches the house, or vice versa, when the owner leaves, for example, the light / air conditioner / TV / (and I still don’t know what) will turn on / off automatically. I just registered in the application
Only black silicone sealant holds the lid on the top The product was provided for writing a review by the store. The size is very compact, fits in the palm of your hand.
Reading the instructions is not in our rules, so we immediately download and install the E-control application on the phone by scanning the QR code from the instructions
The same procedure will need to be done for the rest of the buttons.
Connected to my router via Wi-FI It’s not a problem, I think I’ll reinstall it now, because all the data is stored in the cloud, but it wasn’t there – everything went to dust, nothing is automatically saved, you can only force backup to the cloud (supported up to 10
In addition to creating virtual remote controls, the application allows you to create scripts for the operation of devices controlled by the broadlink, giving them some sequence of commands.
Inside polyethylene foam wrap The output is the same on / off programming mode with a thousand remote control clicks, which, in general, is also not an option and you have to fall asleep with the air conditioner turned off, since the sleep mode is again unsuccessfully designed and my wife and I categorically do https://jiji.ng/287-honey-beans not like it.
If the learning remote belongs to a popular device, then the procedure is utterly simplified.
A menu appears before us with a choice of templates by category of equipment
This is our Broadlink RM Mini 3,
we are pairing, the LED changes color from blue to white
This arrangement provides a circular signal coverage of the entire room in which the device is located, there should not be any problems with the installation of the box. Pet bag I have got such a simple remote control, if there is a need for other buttons, I will add them over time. I spent a fair amount of time customizing the remotes for my devices, until the main screen of the application looked like this Yes, actually not much: a per-minute sliptimer and different scenarios for turning on / off the air conditioner, and maybe some other devices.
By clicking on the TV icon, for example, we see the remote control prepared for setting up the TV For example, to wake up, you can program the inclusion of a radio or TV, opening the curtains or turning on the backlight, and everything that comes to mind (I haven’t got it yet, so
I’ll give someone else’s script screen from the Internet)

Broadlink RM Mini-3 is a very versatile remote control

Now it remains to choose the appropriate one for your device from the proposed options, the number next to the name means the number of uploads from the cloud of this template .
It is also possible to create a virtual remote control from scratch, if we do not found a similar remote control in the cloud and ready-made templates do not suit us either. The design of the Broadlink RM Mini-3 is strict and concise, it fits perfectly on the shelf behind the monitor, which has exactly the same black glossy frame, especially since there is also a constantly on WIFI router with an empty USB socket, there will be power from somewhere device.
With the remote control for the air conditioner, everything turned out to be very simple too, the program offered to press the power button and itself pulled out a suitable remote control from the cloud.
The consumption of this device is stable, so you can calculate the daily consumption – 2736 mAh, respectively, if there was a built-in battery, it would hardly last more than a day. The device can be used simultaneously from two different phones with two different accounts in E-control – a funny feature, but I don’t see any practical application. In my case, it was LED workspace lighting in the kitchen.
Then press the corresponding button on the physical remote control, directing it to the broadcast link, if everything is in order, the LED will start blinking, signaling the receipt of a signal, on the application screen a pop-up menu will appear confirming that the command has been successfully saved.
Then called up the pairing menu by pressing the plus sign in the upper right corner of the main screen of the application, while the broadcast LED turned blue
You can choose an icon from your phone’s gallery, take a photo, or use ready-made icons for almost all occasions To do this, the program is able to track the position of the phone via WIFI, GPS and even cell towers What do you need, boyar, you ask. Slightly pry off the top board and pull out the entire microcircuit from the slots of the housing
Set the time and repeat cycle
Any of these remotes can be pulled out with a separate shortcut on the phone’s desktop, which I did for one of the most requested remotes , but somehow I didn’t like it there and I decided to remove it from the desktop, my other applications allow you to delete shortcuts without problems, leaving the application itself intact, but here the whole application went to be deleted, which I myself automatically confirmed.
If you are a “happy” owner of an LG G0*ST series air conditioner, then you know the pain that you experience when programming the on / off timer for this brand of air conditioners from the remote control. The Broadlink RM Mini 3 device will help to realize my Wishlist, this device is a universal and intelligent remote control that is paired with the E-control application for smartphones under
IOS / Android OS control can clone real IR remotes by copying commands from them, or create virtual remotes from scratch, downloading ready-made templates of physical remotes created by other users of the device via WI FI from the cloud. In the next menu, you can select the icon image and edit the name of the button.
I clicked "Add device" and saw the only option with a tricky network address The design resembles a wireless speaker.
The application works both via WIFI and via the GSM network, that is, you can control home devices from anywhere, even from distant lands .
As it turned out, this is a simpler and faster solution, than described in the manual. You can make sure that there is no battery, only a metal plate at the bottom of the case, on the sides of which there are ventilation holes.
On the top IR diodes are fan-shaped on the board.
Why is there no battery in the design? The answer is quite simple, in standby mode, the Broadlink RM Mini 3 has a pretty good energy appetite and consumes a current of 0.11A. The box is small, cardboard, the technical characteristics of the device and its functionality are displayed on the sides.
Now you need to teach this virtual remote control the commands of the real remote control.