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XANES XHP50 200A Headlamp, 5 LEDs…

These are mutually opposite statements.

Headguards are needed to shine up close. You need to choose options for lights with the top location of the buttons.

XANES XHP50 200A Headlamp, 5 LEDs, 4 modes, Type-C charging port, magnetic plate, 180° swivel

The miners’ lanterns strongly disagree with you. Thanks for the review, and how much does this miracle weigh with a battery and an elastic band on its head? Normal high beam requires a large reflector.

In terms of switching modes, lights with a side button are very inconvenient. The strobe is in the main line – I immediately cross out such lights for myself. I bought xanes "xhp50" for 26650 in a classic case, a wonderful flashlight, with built-in charging and https://jiji.co.tz/toys/spiders a battery, of course, it doesn’t smell of any cree there, but I ate my 17 watts and shone quite well, definitely brighter than convoy s2 , and only 10 bucks. Well, Petzel will not agree with you either (although it is difficult to attribute it to high-quality ones, but this is a topper for alpenugs) To press it, you will have to use the second hand each time, otherwise the lamp will move to its side.

The main LED is really XHP50, you can see the characteristic "cross" under the dome lens, dividing the diode into four sectors, the base is 5X5mm.

I regretted that I didn’t take 2-3, he gave it (I took it as a gift, but, of course, I tested it first so as not to give garbage), xanes could keep a good face with a fake LED, not releasing flashlights on "xhp90", 110, etc., with such an assortment, reading about the advantages of the original cree in the review is, of course, ridiculous. High CRI diodes would not be enough for me
I think something is wrong here.

This mode will be enough for you for any needs, both amateur and professional. When turned on, 1000lm will only shine for a couple of minutes, due to increased heat dissipation.

And it cannot be structurally stuffed into the size of the forehead.

A lantern of a trusted brand with a reliable design and convenient light and control (selected according to reviews) based on original components, and not all this rubbish from fakes and production waste, the work of "Uncle Liao’s basement", which, moreover, also different every time. It’s already possible not to talk about the overload of this combine with excesses.