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Sades A6 gaming headset with built-in 7.1 virtual sound

Fixing the headphones on the head provides a padded headband secured with a stretchable band. It positions itself as a world-class brand. The seller was not very zealous with the packaging, so the box, as expected, crumpled during shipment, because it is made of rather thin cardboard.
The feature of this model is a metal frame, due to which the headphones have greater strength and bending resistance compared to their plastic counterparts. I tried to consider them in more detail, since it was the presence of built-in 7.1 sound that interested me in this headphone model.
The total weight of the headphones is 336 g, the weight of the head part alone is 256 g. The front side differs from the back only in the presence of a microphone. Microphone impedance: up to 2.2 kOhm – Unique remote design for easy sound control.
The design of the headphones is completely symmetrical. Cable length: 2.2 m The interface cable holder and the microphone cable are designed to be kink-resistant.
Headphone manufacturer Sades specializes in various accessories for gamers – headphones and headsets, keyboards, mice, computer chairs and tables.
Like most gaming headsets, Sades A6 has full-size headphones that provide isolation from external noise to achieve the effect of complete immersion in the gameplay. Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
The headphone speakers are covered with an orange fabric with a mesh on top.
Ear pads are made of very soft, pleasant to the touch leatherette with foam rubber filling. Interface: USB You can, for example, even turn the headphones 180 degrees relative to each other, although why? 🙂

– Attractive orange backlighting,

Speaker diameter: 40 mm,

– 7.1-channel simulated surround sound driver provides immersive gaming experience and precise location, This headset has already been reviewed a couple of times on the music, but some points, in particular those related to the hardware implementation of sound, software installation nuances and driver features, were not touched upon.
The arcs of the frame are threaded into plastic spacers and fixed in the T-shaped holders of the earcups.
I will give them here with a translation into Russian: Maximum power: 15 mW
The key features of this headset are illustrated on the side of the box:
Thanks to automatic adjustment and low weight, the headphones are practically not felt on the head and do https://jiji.com.gh/cars/mazda-cx_7 not cause any discomfort.
The microphone is mounted on a flexible base, thanks to which its position is fully adjustable within 12 cm of its cable length. The delivery set consisted of the headphones themselves, a driver disk, Chinese-English instructions for setting up the headphone software and a warranty card: The Sades A6 headphones came in a colorfully designed box, as is usually the case for gaming computer components.
On the reverse side, the main characteristics of the headset are listed in six languages ​​(no Russian). It is difficult to say how true this is, but the company’s main website contains links to representative offices in more than 50 countries, in particular, it also has a website in Russian, which presents chairs for gamers and a large selection of gaming headsets. Sensitivity: 122 ± 3 dB Microphone sensitivity: 40 ± 3 dB Let’s move on to the review:
The top of the headband is covered with soft leatherette on which the name of the company is embossed.

Sades A6 gaming headset with built-in 7.1 virtual sound

The body of the earcups themselves is made of molded black plastic with central orange inserts with an imitation of a grid applied on top. The ear cups are freely attached to the headband and therefore also automatically adjust to the anatomical features of the ear part of the head. Impedance: 24 ohms
This design provides an intuitive headphone fit without the need for manual adjustment. Weight: 320 g

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