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I have an i486 kit, working. People who are engaged in refining (the process of cleaning or separating noble precious metals and additional impurities) of radio components, sometimes the plastic of the cases is dissolved … you can peep solutions from them

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I checked all the salad bowls and glasses, everything is glaring, the strongest made in the days of the USSR … yes, yes, of course… there are computers at work, assembled back in 2004,… they work for a sweet soul. Crystal tableware does not emit radon, therefore, as an exhibit behind glass, it will not bring harm. I solemnly promise to never write about antennas and vector analyzers again." — No, no, you write… come in handy 🙂 But it is undesirable to store food https://jiji.ug/279-toasters liquids and products in it. "… I don’t know why 🙂 This is what they write – “Glasses, wine glasses, salad bowls made of crystal are beautiful and exquisite. But this resonant transparent material is fraught with the danger of radiation due to the presence of lead in it, which is not only toxic, but can also be radioactive.