Features of the Easacc Financial Accounting and Warehouse Management and Sales Program :

  • The system works in Arabic, English and Turkish languages
  • The system works on all versions (Windows)
  • Multiple windows and frequent copies at the same moment
  • Ease of use so that no previous experience is required
  • Supports VAT and is approved by the Zakat and Income Authority
  • Comprehensive system reports for each branch and user
  • Varieties management and ease of introduction in many ways
  • Issuing invoices of all kinds with printing the company logo and data
  • It works on the latest versions of the MS SQL Server databases
  • Monitor and inventory carefully and accurately
  • Alerts when minimum quantities and expiry dates are reached
  • Connect branches all over the world in one accounting tree
  • Excellent service upon purchase + free technical support for a full year
  • Installation + free training, whether by attending personally or via the Internet


Easacc-ERP – A New Introduction to the World of Financial Accounting, Warehouse and Sales Management

Accounting tree

The program contains a valid proof of accounts for all commercial and service activities

Human Resource Management

The program is compatible with the Saudi labor system, and it is easy for you to complete all tasks

Cost centers system

Easily add cost centers to the program, whether branches, delegates or existing projects

POS system

Through the program, you can add items, prices, and products, and you can add pictures of the item

Offer price

Through the program, it is easy to make a price offer Fits in an easy and simple way

Connect the branches

Through the program, you can link the branches (cloud - direct - online or offline - indirect synchronization)

Branch Connecting System

Cloud system

Direct system

Indirect synchronization

Daily closing today:

  • Through the program, it is possible to open the day of work and daily operation through sales and purchases. After the work is completed, the day will be closed and accounts posted.
  • It appears through the closure of the day and the posting of accounts in the daily system, all accounts appear with their balances and based on their nature, whether they are creditor or debtor.
  • Daily balances and reports of sales, sales of purchases and purchases, returns of purchases, and other administrative expenses also appear.
  • Other income and receivables and exchange vouchers for customers and suppliers.
  • After closing the journal, you can extract it in the form of an accounting entry.

Procurement and Procurement System:

  • Adding complete purchase invoices to the program easily through the purchase invoice.
  • The ability to print an account statement for any account during a specific period easily and accurately.
  • The possibility of attaching the invoice or document in the accounting record with ease.
  • Easily print and export bonds and restrictions easily and export them as a file on the device (EXCEL & PDF & WORD).
  • Final statements such as late account, profit and loss and financial position.
  • List of senior management on the movement of financial activity and analytical and detailed data.
  • Possibility of estimated activity budgets and actual comparison.

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